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Annam Flying Frogs

Native to Vietnam’s mountain forests, the Annam flying tree frog(Rhacophorus annamensis) can be seen gliding from tree to tree using the skin flaps between its toes. They even have the ability to “steer” themselves to a certain tree or leaf usinganother small flap of skin at their back end.

As babies, the Annam flying frog is a creamy colour with dalmation like black spots over its body. As they grow they become a light grey colour with small black spots scattered over the body. Females of this species can reach lengths of 3.5 inches with males being slightly smaller.

During breeding season the Annam flying frog will create intricate foam nests in trees above quiet streams for their young.

As an arboreal species, they require a tall tank with plenty of room to jump from leaf to leaf and you need to provide plenty of plants and branches for climbing and hiding. A substrate that will retain moisture is required which can be achieved with moss, eco earth, or coconut fiber or even a mix of two. Spray the tank at least twice a day to keep humidity, and for your frog to drink. Annam flying frogs will eat appropriate sized crickets, small locusts, and the occasional earth worm.

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