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Arcadia T5 Slimline Vivarium Canopy 39W D3+ 90cm

Manufacturer: Arcadia
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The Arcadia Slimline High Output T5 UVB fitting is a plug in, ready to use, reptile keeping miracle. It is suitable for all Vivaria and Terraria over 2 feet in length, and for use with all exotics. Using just one water resistant removable power socket this T5 unit is very neat and tidy in the vivarium and very easy to fit. The unit itself with the highly effective built in T5 reflector, one screw removable mounting plates and even an Arcadia Reptile D3+ 12% UVB High Output T5 lamp!

  • Provides a high LUX and huge amounts of safe, usable UVB for pet Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Can be used as a single unit or daisy chained together to run multiple units
  • IP65 as standard
  • Can be fitted inside all wooden vivaria or seated onto the top of mesh topped vivariums/terrariums

The Benefits of T5 Slimline Luminaire

Lighting for Reptiles and Amphibians with UVB has become a definite science and as tech improves we can match captive reptile’s needs to the best of our abilities. This really is a one stop solution to all of your high output reptile lighting needs. Generating a photogradient has never been easier. Simply fit the Slimline T5 fitting inside your viv at the front edge between the roof and the front plate above the door and offset into your hot end as per our “Lighting Guide”. This will provide you with a no fuss, high output source of UV rich lighting that is well out of your view but very usable by your pet reptiles and amphibians.

You can even connect more than one unit up and still only use a single power source with the daisy chain leads. Simply power one unit up from the mains and run another off of the first unit. This is a space saving, energy efficient way of providing multiple lamps over large enclosures or running a pair of lamps to help with live plant growth.

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