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Deluxe Bearded Dragon Setup

Our Deluxe Bearded Dragon setup is our most comprehensive bearded dragon setup we offer. Its the equivalent to staying in a 5 star hotel. The Large Deep 45” x 24” x 19” VivExotic Viva+ Vivarium with front flow ventilation is a quality, well built vivarium that will provide all the space your bearded dragon will ever need. 

Bearded Dragons are native to Australia, and therefore require a controlled heating system that will accurately recreate there natural habitat. To do this, the kit comes complete with a WhitePython Ceramic Bulb, Ceramic Holder, Guard & Reflector and one of the best thermostat in europ the Lucky Reptile Thermo Control Pro 2 thermostat. This thermostat allows you to set the required day and night temperatures to automatically switch between the two at the required time. This in affect automates the whole heating process. The Thermo Control Pro 2 also has a neat digital display that shows you a digital read out of the temperature and when the heating system is working to heat the vivarium.

This setup also comes with the UKs most trusted and advanced UVB tube from Arcadia, the 12% T5 UVB tube will provide all the necessary UVB & UVA lighting required to synthesise vitamin D3 and to metabolise calcium correctly. This lighting system can also be controlled by the supplied thermostat to switch the lighting system on and off at the correct times, again automating the full system. As an addishional messuer out deluxe kit also included an extra WhitePython Ceramic holder, guard and reflector to house the suuplied Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini - There bulbs are extreamly low wattage but deliver very high levels of UVA to recreat a more natural basking spot. 

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If that wasn't enough we also guaranteeing that this is the cheapest price you will find this kit anywhere in the UK. If you do, we will match and beat the price, Guaranteed!

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