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Microclimate thermostats are simply the best!

Microclimate have been a leading UK manufacture of thermostats for over 25 years, it is clear that they value quality and this can been seen in all of there products. Microclimate use microprocessors in most of there thermostats and this makes them more reliable and accurate as the component count is considerably less. As you would expect Microclimate offer a 5 year manufacturers guarantee as standard. There digital series of thermostats just like there standard thermostats are all manufactured in the UK and come complete with a 5 year guarantee. 

Microclimate thermostat are extremely safe and very easy to set, they don't have any protruding control knobs that can be knocked or tampered with ( a very high possibility if you have kids ) instead they are recessed and come supplied with a mini microclimate screwdriver for easy adjustment. In the event something does go wrong they are programmed to fail off, this means your heating device will receive no power and removing the risk from your reptile being cooked alive.

We personally use and recommend microclimate thermostats over all other brands!

The most common thermostats available and sold by microclimate are as follow.

Ministat 100 this is a on/off thermostat and is perfect for controlling heat mats up to and including 100w in basic setups

Minstat 300 again this is a on/off thermostat suitable for controlling any non-light emitting heat sources upto and including 300w in basic setups. 

B2 Pulse Proportional thermostat will control any non-light emitting heat source by pulsing power to the attached heating device like ceramic bulbs and heat wires up to and including 600w

B2HT this a pules proportional thermostat just like above but controls temperatures between 29c and 45c 

B1 Dimming Thermostat this thermostat controls light emitting heat sources up to 600w by limiting (dimming) the supply of power to the attached heat source. These thermostat are also suitable for use with non-light emitting heat source although this is not conventional.

B1HT is the same as above but controls temperatures between 29c and 45c.

Prime, this digital series of thermostats are simply the best in the world. You can control and monitor every little aspect of your heating system through a windows PC including switching between pulse and dimming modes.

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Win Free Food For A Whole Year!

Want to win your live or frozen food subscription for a whole year? Completely free! 

Well we are giving away over £2,000's worth of live or frozen food away to 4 lucky winners. Each winner will receive there subscription order for live or frozen food up to the value of £10 completely free each week for a whole year! 

Subscribe today and never worry about ordering your live food on time again and you will be automatically entered into the competition, and for every completed subscription order an additional entry will be made too.

Example - Subscribe today (The 8th of March) with a weekly subscription and you would receive 12 orders and therefore have 12 entries to the first draw on the 1st of June.

The winner will then receive a £10 credit towards the cost of there order each week for a whole year! (excluding the cost of delivery)

The first draw will take place on 1st of June 2014

Terms & Conditions:

The winner will be liable for the cost of the postage. £2.49 for live food and £8.50 for frozen food regardless of the size of the order. The winner will receive a whole £10 credit each week towards there order. The remaining total shall be paid by the winner. If the total of the order is less than £10 there will be no cash alternative, the winner will still be liable for postage costs. The weekly credit can not be accumulated and will expire at the end of each week. There is no cash alternative. If you no longed need your subscription you are free to cancel but you will automatically forfeit all future credits. The Reptile Hotel reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time after the first draw. The Reptile Hotel also reserves the right to offer a alternative prize at anytime to the remaining value of credits. You name and photograph may be used for promotion. The first draw will take place on 1st of June 2014, the second draw will take place on the 1st of September 2014, the third draw will take place on 1st of December 2014 and the final 4th draw will take place on 1st of March 2015. The Winners will be contacted by phone and email within 7 days of the draw. The Winner will receive one £10 credit towards there order for a consecutive 52 weeks from the date of the draw (1 Whole Year = 52 weeks)

If you have any questions about this promotion please email your questions to


We often get asked about Impaction and the risk of keeping your reptile on a substrate like sand or beech chips. When we get asked we always refer to this Zoo Med article. - Take a read and if you have any questions get in touch!


Causes and Prevention 

One issue occasionally experienced by reptile keepers is a condition called impaction. There are many views surrounding the causes, treatment, and prevention of impaction in captive reptiles. There are a tremendous amount of opinions on this subject held by passionate keepers, and we seek to dispel some of the myths, and address the true issues at hand surrounding impaction. 

Impaction is the accumulation of debris in the gut or intestines, whether it be substrates, food, foreign debris, or just about anything else. The truth of the matter is that almost anything can become impacted in an animal’s stomach. Impaction is a secondary condition brought on by deficiencies in the diet, temperature regime, or other inadequate conditions found in captivity. Reptiles will ingest substrates occasionally while capturing food, however this avenue of ingestion is minimal, and will usually not lead to severe impaction. Impaction almost certainly occurs in nature on occasion, and probably proves fatal in some cases naturally. 

To understand impaction in captive animals, we must briefly explore animal physiology, ecology, behavior, husbandry practices and the causes of substrate ingestion. In nature, animals experience fluctuations in resource availability. For example, a typical year in the northern hemisphere sees the changing of seasons. As seasons change, the availability of food changes and temperatures change. Many animals have natural behaviors that enable them to deal with shortages and abundances of food. Many different types of animals, including many reptile species; will ingest dirt, rocks, and other natural debris. This is believed to be a behavioral response to mineral deficiencies in the diet. This behavior is known as geophagy. If an animal is not receiving the proper nutrition they may resort to eating “substrates” in an effort to get needed minerals, vitamins, or calcium that are lacking in the diet. Just as we know when we are thirsty, scientists believe animals “know” when they need additional minerals in their diet. In short, reptiles that eat excessive substrates are not receiving a full balanced diet or are not being kept at the proper temperatures. 

Reptile physiology is dependent on many environmental factors that need to be addressed in captivity. Reptiles require specific temperatures for digestion, and exposure to UVB for Vitamin D₃ synthesis and calcium absorption. If temperatures are not regulated properly, then metabolism and digestion will be compromised and may lead to impaction. If the diet offered lacks essential minerals and nutrients, reptiles may attempt to obtain these resources from inanimate objects in their environment. 

The causes of impaction mentioned above will compound each other if husbandry requirements are not met. The most effective way to address impaction is through educating keepers of the true causes and signs of malnutrition, and the importance of temperature gradients. Reptiles that are provided with varied diets, supplemented with calcium, multi-vitamins, have access to UVB lighting and are kept at proper temperatures should not experience impaction.

Livefood Scale Chart

Unsure on what size of livefood to buy, please take a look at the livefood scale chart below for further details. 

Annam Flying Frogs

Native to Vietnam’s mountain forests, the Annam flying tree frog(Rhacophorus annamensis) can be seen gliding from tree to tree using the skin flaps between its toes. They even have the ability to “steer” themselves to a certain tree or leaf usinganother small flap of skin at their back end.

As babies, the Annam flying frog is a creamy colour with dalmation like black spots over its body. As they grow they become a light grey colour with small black spots scattered over the body. Females of this species can reach lengths of 3.5 inches with males being slightly smaller.

During breeding season the Annam flying frog will create intricate foam nests in trees above quiet streams for their young.

As an arboreal species, they require a tall tank with plenty of room to jump from leaf to leaf and you need to provide plenty of plants and branches for climbing and hiding. A substrate that will retain moisture is required which can be achieved with moss, eco earth, or coconut fiber or even a mix of two. Spray the tank at least twice a day to keep humidity, and for your frog to drink. Annam flying frogs will eat appropriate sized crickets, small locusts, and the occasional earth worm.

This stunning frogs are avilable to view in our South Shields Store and are currently priced at £39

Lucky Reptile SuperFog Nono Demo

We have had a little play with the Lucky Reptile SuperFog Nano that is on offer this week for £37.99 take a look at the video for further details

Making Christmas Easy!

Worried about where to hide the christmas presents this year? Well don’t be we have a range of offers and services available to make sure we take all the stress out of buying your new reptile this christmas.

1. We will be open till at least 4pm christmas eve, for collection of your new reptile or setup, all we need is a 10% Deposit. No need to worry about anything being found! 

2. As an added bouns for christmas we can install all of your heating and lighting equipment ready for your new reptile. All you need to do is plug everything in when you get home.

3. You will receive a dedicated email address guaranteed to get a response within 2 hours in case you have any worries or concerns while we are shut christmas day and boxing day.

Don’t forget we also have a range of offers available on various setups and animals to make your christmas perfect. So for all your reptile needs at christmas look no further than the North East’s Leading Reptile Stores!

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