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Crested Gecko Setup

Crested Geckos 

Small and engaging, the nocturnal Crested Gecko was thought to be extinct but was rediscovered in 1994.  Today crested geckos or a very common choice because they are intriguing and interactive.

Popular with first time keepers and enthusiasts, Crested Geckos require a little more attention than other reptiles like bearded dragons and leopard geckos. 

Crested Geckos differ to other Geckos as they are arboreal and climb and consequently need more space. They are also kept at a low temperatures compared to other reptiles.

Native to southern New Caledonia, the Crested Gecko will grow to around six inches in length.  They require an Arboreal terrarium and should be kept in something no smaller than 18” x 18” x 24” glass terrarium when fully grown.

Our friendly and helpful team will be able to provide you with any help you may need in caring for or setting up your Crested Gecko Setup. First time keepers will need a medium glass terrarium, heating system with thermostat, UVB lighting and calcium, Repashy and multivitamin dust. Not to forget orchid bark and other important decor.

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