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Leopard Gecko Setup

This Leopard Gecko setup has everything you need to get started. The VivExotic Small Repti-Home (22” x 16” x 17”) is big enough to allow you gecko to move around feely while still making them feel secure. 

Laeopard Geckos require a controlled heating system that will accurately recreate there natural habitat. To do this, the kit comes complete with a Pro-Rep Heat Mat & Microclimate Ministat. The microclimate thermostat will monitor the temperature of the heat mat and then switch the heat mat on and off to the correct to regulate the temperature of the heat mat. This ensures that the vivarium wont overheat. Also supplied is a Lucky Reptile Deluxe Thermometer. This will allow you to see the exact temperature with in the vivarium in its neat digital display.

This starter kit also includes essential accessories like you caves, bedding and calcium and multivitamin dusts. Adding extra like plants and cork bark are advised to create the best possible setup

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