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Microclimate thermostats are simply the best!

Microclimate have been a leading UK manufacture of thermostats for over 25 years, it is clear that they value quality and this can been seen in all of there products. Microclimate use microprocessors in most of there thermostats and this makes them more reliable and accurate as the component count is considerably less. As you would expect Microclimate offer a 5 year manufacturers guarantee as standard. There digital series of thermostats just like there standard thermostats are all manufactured in the UK and come complete with a 5 year guarantee. 

Microclimate thermostat are extremely safe and very easy to set, they don't have any protruding control knobs that can be knocked or tampered with ( a very high possibility if you have kids ) instead they are recessed and come supplied with a mini microclimate screwdriver for easy adjustment. In the event something does go wrong they are programmed to fail off, this means your heating device will receive no power and removing the risk from your reptile being cooked alive.

We personally use and recommend microclimate thermostats over all other brands!

The most common thermostats available and sold by microclimate are as follow.

Ministat 100 this is a on/off thermostat and is perfect for controlling heat mats up to and including 100w in basic setups

Minstat 300 again this is a on/off thermostat suitable for controlling any non-light emitting heat sources upto and including 300w in basic setups. 

B2 Pulse Proportional thermostat will control any non-light emitting heat source by pulsing power to the attached heating device like ceramic bulbs and heat wires up to and including 600w

B2HT this a pules proportional thermostat just like above but controls temperatures between 29c and 45c 

B1 Dimming Thermostat this thermostat controls light emitting heat sources up to 600w by limiting (dimming) the supply of power to the attached heat source. These thermostat are also suitable for use with non-light emitting heat source although this is not conventional.

B1HT is the same as above but controls temperatures between 29c and 45c.

Prime, this digital series of thermostats are simply the best in the world. You can control and monitor every little aspect of your heating system through a windows PC including switching between pulse and dimming modes.

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