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Large Chameleon Setup

Our Large Chameleon setup is perfect for a number of chameleon species including the popular panther chameleons and yemen chameleons. 

The setup has been put together with the knowledge of years of hands on experience. You can be assured we will alway be available for help and advice should you need it.

The discount shown highlighted in red is the discount your are reciving off our online prices, this is ontop of online special offer prices.

The setup compromises of the following equipment

Exo-Terra 90cm x 45cm x 90cm Glass Terrarium with background (LxDxH)

Arcadia T5 Glass Terrarium Canopy - This canopy comes supplied with a 12% T5 UVB tube for option levels of UVB throughout the glass terrarium. This will allow your chameleon to synthesise vitamin D3 and use and digest calcium correctly.

Exo-Terra Light Dome Bracket & Light Dome - This will allow your light dome that your ceramic bulb will screw into to be securely fastened just above the mesh of your terrarium. This makes ure your chameleon can’t come in contact with the ceramic bulb.

Lucky Reptile Ceramic Dark Spot - This will be used to heat your terrarium, these bulbs do not emit and light and therefore can be used in conduction with a thermostat to heat the enclosure day and night.

Lucky Reptile Thermo Control Pro 2 Thermostat - This digital thermostat will accurately control the day and night temperatures thanks to its advanced programable settings. It will also allow for control of a lighting circuit therefore removing the worry about switching on or off the lighting at the correct time. The digital display on the front shows you the real time temperature of the probe with in the terrarium so you can be sure your chameleon is being kept at the correct temperature.

Pro-Rep Calcium Dust & Vetark Nutrobal - These powders should be used when dusting livefood, they are generally mixed 50/50 and applied 5 days out of 7. Take a look at our care sheets for further details.

If you have any question regarding this setup or how to assemble any of the equipment don’t hesitate to drop us and email at info@thereptilehotel,com or alternatively give us a call.

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