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At The Reptile Hotel we stock a wide range of VivExotic Vivariums and Glass Terrariums from a number of leading manufacturers including VivExotic and Exo-Terra. Our most popular vivarium range would be the new VivExotic Maxi Repti-Home range, closely followed by the premium stylish Viva range

Vivariums make great homes for many species including bearded dragons. leopard geckos and royal pythons to name just a few. However if you are keeping a reptile that requires more humidity you would be best off looking at the Exo-Terra Glass Terrariums that come in a range of sizes up to 36” long 18” deep and 36” tall. 

All of our wooden vivariums and glass terrariums are dispatched the same day when order before 2pm and delivered on a next day delivery service. 

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