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About Us...

The Reptile Hotel is one of the UK’s most talked about reptile stores, and it all started back in August 2008 when we opened our first store in South Shields. Since first opening our doors all those years ago our morals and standards are still very much the same:

  1. Only sell quality healthy reptiles, with a full 30 day guarantee.
  2. Provide valuable information from actual hands on experience and research.
  3. Provide a wide range of products, often not found anywhere else!
  4. Provide a clean, fresh and ever changing environment for our customers.
  5. Be part of something bigger, fight for our hobby and let our opinions be heard.

Them very same goals have still not changed today, we like to think of them as our companies DNA. Its these standards that have stood the test of time and given us the outstanding reputation we have today. 

Keeping in mind the above, we stock a huge array of reptile equipment, including vivariums, terrariums, heating and lighting equipment and a wide range of frozen and live foods, as well as a massive selection of decor items. Its truly hard to find something we don’t stock. You can also find some of the most interesting, unusual and rare animals in our stores, like our Fiji Iguana, Caiman Lizards, Mossy geckos, marmoset monkeys and of course your not so rare and unusual animals like leopard geckos, bearded dragons and corn snakes.

Our team are all passionate about reptiles and its clear to see, they care about the animals they sell and for that very reason you can’t simply walk into our stores and buy one. We want to know our animals are going to be correctly looked after, we want to know that you have the right equipment and if you don’t, we will advise you of how to correct or what's wrong and help make sure you don’t have any problems for when you get your new pet home. 

You can find the UK’s most advanced reptile stores by taking a look at the Contact Us page where you will find maps and contact numbers to get in touch.

We hope you found our story interesting and hope to see you in store sometime soon.

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