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WhitePython No More Mites

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Snake mites are a perennial problem for snake keepers, and controlling them can often be difficult. “No More Mites” is a brand new product, manufactured in the UK. Containing the completely natural Acaricide, Pyrethrins, which is extracted from the Chrysanthemum plant, this product will control snake mites without the need to treat the animal itself so reducing stress.

In fact treating a snake couldn’t be easier....

1. Simply remove the snake from the enclosure and place in a secure

temporary container.

2. Turn off all heating and lighting and allow them to cool down.

3. Remove and discard all substrate, replacing it with a disposable substrate

such as newspaper.

4. Replace hides and décor BUT DO NOT replace the water bowl. This can be

thoroughly washed separately.

5. Before spraying ensure that all invertebrates are removed from the room.

They can be returned after 24 hours but DO NOT put any invertebrates into

an enclosure after treatment.

6. After shaking well spray No More Mites into the enclosure to lightly coat

all surfaces.

7. Leave for 1 hour before replacing the snake and water bowl.

8. Repeat treatment after 7 days. Do not repeat treatments more than twice.

Large 200ml Can - Can only be shipped via TNT 

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