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Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro 66cm (26")

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Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro 66cm is for protecting animals and lighting units. An innovative easy to use UV lamp caging system that has been designed to protect animals whilst letting as much light as possible through and over the basking zone. Also allows for the linking of ProT5 and Jungle Dawn LED BAR lighting units. Features: easy lamp changes integrated hinges and multiple cable ingress points. The product is coated and rust free. The guard allows as much as possible to travel into the vivarium with only 15% light reduction. Can be used with T8/T5 lamps ProT5 and Jungle dawn LED BAR (depending on size). Suitable for lamp fitting T8 standard T5 high output & ProT5 wattages 15/18/20/24w length 660mm. Wattage for guide purpose only lamps not included.