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EK Magazine - December 2022 (Issue 26)

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In this months EK magazine:

• Are King Cobras the most intelligent snakes? TV Herpetologist, Professor Mark O’Shea gives us his thoughts.

• Beetles are the largest family of animals on the planet, but which ones make the best pets? Martin French of @BugzUKParc helps us decide.

• @Tesoros de Colombia is leading the path in sustainably producing rare and endangered poison frogs for the pet trade. We caught up with Founder, Ivan Lozano to discuss this ground-breaking project and its implications for conserving some of the world’s rarest amphibians.

• Corydoradonae are very popular aquarium fish. Ian Fuller, Founder of @Corydoras World and Author of Identifying Corydoradonae gives us scientific insight into the family.

• In this month’s ‘Keeper Basics’ we focus on arid bioactive setups with tips, tricks and product recommendations to give novices the best shot at building a successful setup.