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EK Magazine - January 2023 (Issue 27)

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• Editor and Author of Exotics Keeper Magazine, Thomas Marriott talks us through a selection of chameleon species he found on a recent expedition to Madagascar.

• Master of Uromastyx, Kamiel Hamers (@HammerheadReptiles) shares his techniques for the successful keeping and breeding of spiny-tailed lizards.

• How does the harvesting of wild cardinal tetra help protect the air you breathe? Project Piaba gives us insight into a fishery on the Rio Negro that has been saving wildlife for over 60 years by exporting hundreds of millions of fish into the exotic pet trade.

• We also discuss the complicated threats and potential hope for Siamese crocodiles.

• In this month’s ‘Keeper Basics’ we focus on poison frogs and provide first-hand advice to give novices the best shot at maintaining a successful setup.  read less